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So since I set up everything, the tank has finally stabilized. I ended up putting in some more black eyed blue tigers that I got in an auction. Then I went to the fish store and they were selling tigers for $1.50 each. I looked through and I saw some orange eyes on these tigers so I fished out those and some others. If these are blonde OEBTs, will they eventually breed OEBT?

Also, I decided to split up the CRS and tigers. Since I only have 5 CRS, I grabbed a breeder box and put them all in there with some java moss and frogbit. It's still linked to the tank so the water conditions are the same.

Here are some more pics!

CRS meets orange neo...

Blue tigers hanging out in a tree

New (hopefully blonde OEBT) tigers

CRS roaming (S+ tiger tooth I think)

CRS in breeder box

Neos and tigers eating. They ate a LOT more today than ever...

Blonde OEBT? Would be cool if it was
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