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Thanks.. So I'll cut it down to a 10 hour photoperiod and see how that goes? The reason I was a bit confused is that the 2 bulbs that would be on for 10 hours (or 8 if 10 is still too long) are only an actinic bulb and a purpleish one from the reef days. So that seems like barely any light, at all, really. Basically, if I'm not doing such a long 'midday' period, should I put a white bulb in with the blue instead?

Seeing as I have so much light, I figured those two bulbs be okay to leave there as it looks great for a kind of morning/sunset lighting. Then the midday white/yello bulbs are all in the other 6 that come on for only 4 hours. There 4 white and 2 blue in that as I was thinking the blue would add color but not really much intensity or PAR value.

That lights are about 52 inches about the substrate. I want to raise them but I'm having major problems with how exactly I can't access the space in the roof above the lights, and putting a brace on the wall strong enough to holy the massive light fitting seems like a pain that I'm not up for...
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