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Yah, I still need to clean my glass. Anyways, lemme get to the pics :P

Yah, I'm sad. I really liked having a south american ghost knife. This pic was taken on the 30th, and it was just a few days later that it no longer was found in my tank. Stupid bichir, I love you and I hate you sometimes XD. I'm debating what fish I should get in its place now, either an african brown ghost knife (doesn't get as big as a black ghost but gets big enough for this tank, not as cool looking and cannot do the same things) or try and get a larger Black ghost knife (Hard to find large and a lot more money when they are found. A large one might be big enough to harm my smaller pearl gourami's and now angels) My one friend is also insisting on getting me a fish as my (now super late) christmas present. Who am I to argue with a pretty woman on that front :P Anyways, I'm not sure which I'd do, since I know where to get both (I think) but there are in opposite places from each other. Gah, decisions, decisions. Any thoughts on the matter would be great.

This shot is also from the 30th. Its some clippings of Rotala wallichi from my 5.5. They are doing pretty well, but when I added some more the extras just ended up getting uprooted and floating all over the place. I hate it when stems get uprooted and float around, and its always the same exact stems too :\. Either way, it's turned greener in this tank (due to my lack of cleaning glass), but I still have a lot more light I can potentially give. I need a timer for the second bank of lights (I've only been running half my total fixture). I might ditch this in favor of something else, but I'm not sure.

This, so that you can see that I am still dealing with BBA (granted, I haven't been active about its removal either) and that I am attempting to get small snails into this tank....and failing. I think my rainbows have developed a taste for snails now lol.

So, I got a shippment of plants from someone on another forum, and it got lost in the mail for two weeks and just didn't end well for anyone really. Guy was nice enough about it and is re-sending most of what I wanted over. But this plant, man this plant can sure survive. Lagenandra meeboldii 'pink', man this is a massive plant and a sturdy thing. I've been talking about this in a few threads on this forum, and I'm going to be happy to start propegating this through other people's tanks soon enough. I want some new growth and more compactness to occur, and am thinking about splitting this plant into two to try and achieve that. Right now, I have it tied onto a rock to keep the rhizome just above the substrate. This plant came in with massive roots though, so its quiet the plant.

My dominant rainbow fish being all colorful and stuff. Sadly, he likes to tone it down the minute he sees me trying to take a pic, but still, he looks pretty cool.

Same deal here too :P

And here

And my best attempt at a pic of all three being nice. Which never happens lol. A lot of chasing and flaring of late, but it keeps the tank interesting.

Now, these are nice. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the angel route again, but when I saw these I just had to. They are a tad small, but my bichir has a history have being good with small cichlids. If its not a cichlid, not so much, but cichlids yes. I got 4 of these little guys now. I'm not really sure EXACTLY what you would call their variety (any help there would be great), but I'm saying something like Blue Leopard's or something. They do have a good deal of blue in the for the most part, some more than others, but I'm a sucker for a busy pattern. It wasn't until I brought them home that I even noticed the blues, they came out much better in my tank than in the store.

Now, as far as plans and things, oh boy does this tank have a LOT in store. I'm playing around with osmocote tabs and gro-soil and gro-humate tabs in the substrate. Once I get the glass clean and the lights the way I want them, there will be a lot of growth in this tank. One thing as well, I mentioned in my 10 gallon journal, my 20lb aluminum co2 tank just got here today. That, combined with the regulator, drop checker, tubes, ect, mean that I am missing just three things for this tank. I forgot to get a diffuser (fail on my part), I'm wanting to just get the larger atomic diffuser that niclog has on here (I might change that in the future to an inline thing, but tbh I don't care about tubes sticking down into the tank or anything like that). I also need to actually fill the tank with gas as well.

Lastly, I need plants. And luckily I have them on the way. A lot of plants. Like, the most I've ever had at one time.......I'm not going to mention everything now, but the next update will be big enough that I am going to just re-post the entire updated list of plants on here. I have some Green Gecko and Crypt usteriana coming to me soon, eventually I'll get some nurii as well but that'll be a while. I've also got some moss comming my way and some anubias and lillies, but what I'm most excited for are the stems I'm getting. And I'm getting some nice stems, I'm really excited about this.

As far as things going on with plants already in anubias are making a comeback, and my corymbosa seems to be adjusting very well to this tank. Glosso seems to be unhappy with me, but I feel that it is only a temporary unhappiness. I swear, this tank will have a carpet in it somehow, someway. If I can't get glosso to work, I might try UG or Staurogyne repens, but if I do get glosso to work....I might try them anyways lol.

The only MAJOR plant that I still don't have any sign of getting back is Crinum calminstratum. I'm going to be hunting for a nice specimin or two in a few months time. My Lace plants seem to be doing well also, although I'm sure more light and co2 will be very welcomed. My swords seem to be struggling a bit though. That's the one thing I hate about swords, when you buy them they seem to melt back a ton, at least for me anyways. Crypts don't melt on me, but swords, pshhhh. However, I do see new growth on both the rose and the rubin, and neither one of them has been uprooted by anything, so I'm confident that they will spring up like mad once I get more liberal with the root ferts, light, and co2.

This tank is going to be a jungle when I'm through :P

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