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I was directed here by a friend who knows I'm not into high-tec stuff. I am blow away by the stuff you guys have done. If I can even do half of that I will be very proud.

That being said I would like to show you guys my low-tec tanks and open them up for constructive criticism.

29 gal softwater community

Mechanics: single tube T8 24" 6500k daylight for 6 hours
PenguinBiowheel 150
Aqueon 150w set at 78F

Livestock: 1x Farlowella acus
Brown pangio loaches
RCS colony (new)
Adding tetra and gourami later

Water sprite,
Anubias (don't know the species)
Java Fern,
Dwarf sagittaria (recently moved)
Pygmy chain sword (recently moved)
Rotala indica
Green tiger lotus (newly added)
Undulated crypt (newly added)

Substrate: Estes marine sand

Params: 6.8 pH, KH 2, GH 7
Ferts: weekly flourish comprehensive after water changes; root tabs as needed

The tank has been in this current state since about a week ago as I recently moved the dwarf sag to a higher flow area. The crypt and the lotus arrived a few weeks before Christmas and had a rough trip. I'm really hoping the dwarf sag will grow tall and fill in the right side of the tank. But now I'm thinking I'll have to put another tall, straight-leafed plant in there.

Divided 10 gal Plakat Betta Tank

Mechanics: single tube T8 18" 6500k daylight for 8 hours
Sponge filter
Aqueon 100w set at 80F

Male betta

Water sprite,
Anubias (don't know the species)
Java Fern,

Substrate: gravel

Params: 7.8 pH, KH 2, GH 7
Ferts: once weekly seachem comprehensive and a lotta fish poop

Opps! Forgot my lowest tec tank of them all! My pond!

Mechanics: I honestly couldn't tell you what kind of pump is in there; I just know it has a bog and snorkle system. I'm not trying to grow champion monster koi, so it doesn't matter to me.

6x koi approx 8 years old

Plants: whatever nature put in there; there are some mosses and ivy that have roots in the water and some kind of iris.

Substrate: gravel

Lights: the sun!! Although it's too shaded for lillies.

Ferts: nothing but fish poop!

Too lazy to upload this to photobucket right now.. it's from my fishkeeping forum.

-- Izzy

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