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What is this doing here you might ask? Well, as of December 30th, I'd noticed that this old pot of amaryllis (it hasn't done anything in two years, I didn't even know it was still around) was putting up some sprouts. And I figured, since my light on this tank spills over the side, I might as well make use of it. The plant is now taller than my tank itself, but I'll update the pics on this later this week. An ID would be cool when it flowers :P

Okay, so, now onto the tank. I've updated the stocklist a bit. The ramshorn snails and the physa snails have more or less taken over the tank. I also now have a total of something like 12 pygmy cories (that are never around each other, they are as of now still shy as hell) and 3 otos (I'm debating if I should add more to make it more like 8, or if I should get rid of these later on and replace them with hillstream loaches. That might depend more on how much hillstream loaches go for, and if they like the fact that this tank seems to like being warmer, hovering just under 80 usually...that'll be interesting in the summer for sure)

I cleaned up my E. najas, it got too long and stringy looking so I trimmed it down a tad. I also moved the E. parviflorus up front, since they don't seem like they are going to be getting tall enough to be where I had them in the back. I put some Cabomba carolinia in the back as well, especially since the C. furcata seems to be doing a whole lot of nothing. I've got a good deal of plants comming within a week for this tank, so that might be getting replaced with something else, and I feel like even the carolinia will be scraped as well. Or I might keep it, who knows.

You can see what I mean with the cabomba species here. Also of note is my dwarf sag slowly chugging along and my single Jungle Val runner growing day by day. Not sure how jungle val will do in a 10 gallon, but I guess we will see. I'll remove it if it gets out of hand, but I get the feeling I might end up liking it.

This little red tiger lotus is basically all that is left of this gigantic monster of a mother plant that I used to have. Its chugging along, being relatively compact and all. It would be nice if it decided to get tall, but the original plant stayed fairly low for a while as well, but eventually did decide that up was a good place to go. I'd love it for the leafs of this lotus to be creeping around the wood. Also of note is the little green crypt next to it. I did pull all of the crypts for my 75 and my 10, so there might have been a mix of green wendtii and "brown" in there. I'll explain the quotations around brown in a minute.

This is confusing to me. I got this plant when I first started out a few years ago, getting it as what I believe to be crypt wendtii 'brown'. But look at that leaf, with the pattern and all. There are the same as what was in this tank when it was low tech, and last I checked I thought wendtii 'brown' didn't have pattern in its leafs. Its pretty pronounced throughout all of the leafs as well, and throw a lot of the plants (minus that one green one that I can explain from the 75 gallon). I want any crypt experts looking at this to tell me what species or variety they think this is. I got it from a petstore that gets everything ordered from some farm somewhere, so it shouldn't be anything too spectacular. But I just find it very interesting since this is the one plant that can do well for me anywhere and everywhere.

I'll leave with this pic to prove that I actually do have fish in this tank lol. To re-state the stock, its 3 oto, 12 pygmy cory, and 2 adult sized blue velvet with a bunch of baby ones all over the place (the original one was berried when I got her). I also had a pair of dario dario, but that only lasted like two days. I'll try them again from NOT a lfs next time around.

Now, I do have some exciting things to say about this tank. As of today, my co2 tank came in. I got a nice, 20lb aluminum tank. I also have that regulator sitting around that I got for christmas, a duel stage thing that will greatly help this tank and my 75. I have the tubing and the bubble counters, the drop checkers and solutions, and a diffuser. Only thing I don't have is gas in my tank and some mineral oil or w/e for the drop checker.

Before next week is over, I should have co2 running in this tank. And I'm SUPER excited for that :P.

As far as new additions though, I think I'm done trying to get fish for this tank for now. However, there are quiet a few plants I have comming in for this tank. Enough so as to make this thread worth watching :P

I don't want to say too much atm, but I will say that I am going to be attempting to carpet HC in this tank. I think it will help as well, since I feel it would help keep the sand held together and all. And I just kinda like carpets in general anyways. I'm getting a slew of cool stems, some of which I will have to propagate out so that I have enough to make them look nice, but I'm excited to be finally having plants in this tank that aren't exactly super simple. A lot of ludwigia and rotala.

I'll update this again sometime after I get all the new plants planted and the co2 running.

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