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This is what this sucker looks like as of yesterday. I decided that more or less everything needed a hard trim. I also added a cherry female (pre-berried) that I found while out and about. Might help kick-start some breeding action or something. I'm still waiting on the tangerine tigers to decide to breed, and for the two OEBT to decide to grow big enough to be more visible to the naked eye lol. I also decided to scrap having any sort of pre-filter for now, and just let things do as they will. The amount of vegetation in this tank, I doubt anything with a will would be able to be sucked into a filter.

My L. Red is growing in pretty well. I think I have it more or less bushy enough, now its just a matter of letting it grow up and getting more side shoots. I really should stop being lazy and either dose excel or do DIY carbon or something, cause this doesn't grow as weed like as I've seen some say. Then again, not sure if I could handle that much more plant growth in here lol.

I love my wallichi, but some of the stems are getting a tad ratty at the bottom. I'm just, thus far, too lazy to cut and replant everything. I'll get around to that before the month ends though, I want this tank more or less well groomed before I bring it back to school with me. You can also see my lack of ability to clean the front glass before taking pics, and the nice carpeting of algae on my wood :\
Algae and bladderwort, my two problems in this tank. Also when larger ramshorns die, cause then there are just large clear shells all clumped together.

Polygonum kawagoeanum, I'd say its growing good. I kind of let the bottoms get relatively ratty though, but I'm working on it. I also am still propagating this out a bit more, going to tame the R. wallichi down and have this spreading out more. It really is a pretty plant.

This, this might be a problem though. My glosso carpet is honestly doing TOO well imho, and I really need to tame it back. What I've been doing, little by little, is pulling out extra strands and nodes of my glosso carpet and throwing them into my 75. Granted, they aren't doing that well there (I'll explain that in the other thread) but its better then them being in here. Also, I really should just figure out how to ship plants out, cause I have more than enough of this to start selling.

An attempt at a halfway decent pic of a tangerine tiger. Again, I'm just using my Iphone cause I take most of these pics right after doing water changes and tank maintenance. One of these days I'll break out a real camera and attempt to take real pics.

As far as new things happening in this tank, this really is my only stagnant tank. I'm getting some mini fisseden for the wood though, but really other than that I can't add or do more with the plants in this tank without ripping everything out lol. That and, I can't even THINK of something more worth doing, so I'd say I'm quiet happy with this tank.

However, I do want to start thinking about throwing some smaller fish in here. Moreso in the springtime, I'm going to be stocking my 10 gallon with even more mico fish, so I'd get a few things for this tank while I'm at it.

I'm debating doing endler guppies or doing some sort of dario or badis sp., or just having a small school of something or other. The one thing with this tank is that it is densely planted and open top, so whatever fish I do get shouldn't be too shy and shouldn't be known for jumping. But that's a thing for another time. Hopefully by then, I'll at least get a tangerine tiger berried or something. That'd make me feel worlds better about buying fish. I don't expect this journal to be getting updated too frequently, however I might also use this journal for my terrestrial plants as well, since those come with me to school as well as this tank. Adding a bit of variety is always a lovely thing :P

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