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@FlyingHellFish, this is totally serious! But that would just about be my reaction...
It only took 10 days to decompose because I let flies lay eggs on it before I buried it, so there were a lot of maggots! They were the grossest bits.
@civics14, not exactly. I found it in the neighbor's yard, just sprawled on its belly. I could see that it was breathing, and then it stopped breathing. I only knew that it broke its back when I had the skeleton cleaned off.
@james1542, I think I will use superglue... we do have some of that brush-on stuff. And I do plan on posting pics when I get some decent ones!
You do have a point about making it look natural... Maybe I'll just have the backbone, paws, and legs at least partially strung together, and let it lay over some driftwood. There's a piece in my tank that would work for that... I'd just have to find a way to make sure the larger fish didn't bury the bones all the way...
@jester56, how'd you know I have a tang skeleton on my 'skeletons to get' list?! Lol! Seriously, every LFS I go to, I look for big fish who just aren't doing well... And I've had three places tell me people have actually asked for dead fish before!
@lochaber, could you mail me one of the slightly more intact skeletons, perhaps? Not a cow, of course, but a dog or something would be cool... I'm serious, I recently developed an interest bordering on obsession with skeletons! I had a dove that hit a window and broke its neck, but something dug it up and stole it... Foozle.
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