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I'll have shrimp in my tank. Probably just Cherry Red's (since I've never kept shrimp before). It'll mostly be an Australian Community tank with some Cardinal Tetras, Otos and Rainbowfish schools of various type (Praecox etc.).

I assume the shrimps would have plenty to feed on with plants and other fish waste in there so I don't really want the snails.

As I said I already overdosed my tank with Seachems Cupramine. It killed all of the live snails I could see but a few days later there were babies (and some bigger ones, obviously ones that stayed alive during the poisoning).

I just don't like the mini-ramshorn. they are very ugly and look really weedy (and yes they are the one's that lie flat against the glass). I do like the pond snails so I'd rather have them in my tanks than mini ramshorns.

I have been squishing them when I see them but I've since read that if you squish a pregnant snail (female I assume?) that they could possibly release their eggs into the tank and they'll then grow. It sounds correct but I'm not sure whether this in fact happens.
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