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Originally Posted by AVN View Post
I'm going to build a light using this guide, how much did the budget run for you?
Budget went around $400-$430 including everything. You definitely can take it down by reducing the DIM4 and some LEDs. It depends on for how big tank you're making the LED.

Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
i'm a complete idiot when it comes to hardware... after reading both of your articles I feel like I understand things quite a bit better.

one thing i'd like to see though, is the entire thought process that goes into selecting the specific leds as well as the drivers and the dimmers.

based on your leds made easy article... I merely divide the wattage of the driver by the number of watts each LED requires, and that gives me the max leds per driver. and the mA of the driver dictates the max the LED's requirement can be?

what about people putting resisters in line with their LED systems?

excellent write up! its allowed me to actually question parts of it and understand what it is i'm asking.

if its not a huge amount of trouble, could you provide a link to each component?
Yeah some people use resistors and other rocket science stuff but I did it in the simplest way possible. And the mA of the driver tells you the amount of current it can give to the LEDs. And you should use the LEDs which have their max mA rating, equal or higher than that of the driver. Its that simple. There is some logic behind using those resistors that the LED will automatically take the required current but I didnt go deep in that stuff. My main aim was to make something easy, goodlooking and effective.
And links of what !! From where I bought this stuff ? was the place.

Originally Posted by Milad View Post
Wow this is great! (and im not just saying that because i was mentioned in it)

Its very detailed, great photos, great walk through, its instructable material
You should consider putting it up on because it would probably get featured.
Thanks Milad. It wasn't possible without your help though. Will surely upload it there too.
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