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Problem with Mini-Ramshorn Snails


A few years ago I got some plants from my LFS that had Mini-Ramshorn snails on them. These are small spiral shelled snails that seem to be impervious to everything.

I previously had some regular Pond Snails from the plants at the LFS and they annoyed me but they were manageable, these Mini-Ramshorn multiply and nothing seems to kill them.

I had dosed and old tank with a product called No-Planaria that managed to kill all of the pesky Pond Snails (which I don't mind, they look nice) but it didn't do anything to the Mini-Ramshorns.

Recently I've been setting up a new aquarium. I had it perfectly hardscaped and went to seed it with some gravel from my old tank. Big mistake. Some egg-sacs or snails must have come across and now my new tank is infested. I've tried a few things but I just can't get rid of them at all.

Edit: I should add there's no food or anything being added to this tank since it's sitting empty (well it has the wood) while I build my LED lights. I'm not sure what the snails are eating but they keep growing.

Now some information about my tank. It is a Mineralised Topsoil tank that presently only has a piece of driftwood in it (no fish or plants) as I'm waiting for the driftwood to finish leeching tannins before I stock the tank. So the only thing that's living in there is an excellent bacteria colony and these pest Mini-Ramshorn snails (they are just like Ramshorn snails in shape but they grow to about 2 - 3mm across ad are hideously ugly).

I have tried squashing them. I've used the No-Planaria again but it doesn't seem to affect Mini-Ramshorns at all. I have (over)dosed on Cupramine for a few days. It knocked them down but they came back after about 5 days (I guess more eggs hatched). I have dosed with Copper Sulphate and this hasn't affected them (the dosage was quite small and testing with my new copper kit it didn't even seem to break 0.25ppm in my 200 Litre tank). I've previously dipped plants in Potassium Permanganate (and so I have that) but I don't want to dose it into my tank presently in case it kills my bacteria colony.

I have nothing in my tank and every 2 weeks I am draining it fully to get rid of the tannin infused water so I don't mind dosing strongly with copper based products.

Is there something I can try? I can't get access to Assassin Snails (illegal in Australia) and I don't really want to stock any Loaches or anything into my tank yet (because I don't want them in there in the end when I set up my fish community). I'm happy to try traps or poisons but I really don't want my bacteria colony to suffer and I also want to kill them all. What can I do to wipe them out completely for good in my tank (nuclear options welcomed)?
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