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Originally Posted by funkman262 View Post
Catalase is produced by virtually ALL aerobic bacteria, and I'm hoping that you realize that the nitrifying bacteria within our aquaria ARE in fact aerobic. It is also known that the specific bacteria in our aquaria, such as nitrosomonas, do produce that enzyme. Thank you though for that single data point that entirely proves your point. (very nice) It must be impossible that the poster in that link dosed the peroxide too close to the filter intake so that the peroxide entered the filter at a barely diluted concentration (in other words, much greater than the 6 mL per gallon of 3% peroxide or 50 mg/L after COMPLETELY mixing with all of the tank water) thus being much greater than can be tolerated by the bacteria (yes, even those that produce catalase).
Thank you so much for providing information that answered questions that have been troubling me in such an informative manner. Years of reading and playing with water boxes I had no idea, somehow missed what must be important.

Your welcome for 'that single datapoint' in the second post. It was simply a recent thread post that I read earlier in the week where the poster blamed it for damage to his cycle bacteria. I have no more information than you do on how the H2O2 was applied in the treatment. But it's not the first post of chemical drama I've read nor do I expect it to be the last. The only point I'm posting to 'prove anything' is that people tanking fish and plants kill a large number of things with it,,, and often.
another one;
h2o2 killed shrimps

What's on the web? (Tons of reading if you print it and most is a mix of fact and opinion)
Overdosing peroxide can kill so I try to use it VERY conservatively! As Tom Bar was saying on The Barr Report, “besides gassing fish with too much CO2, Peroxide seems to kill the most, followed by Excel overdosing”. Seen this way, I will certainly not be one of those who dose
2 or 3ml per gallon.

It is sensitive to light and rapidly breaks down in its presence.

Dilute concentrations added to the tank water can kill all bacteria in the water, including the nitrifying bacteria. It will also kill all micro-organisms, good and bad.

In water, hydrogen peroxide's half-life ranges from 8 hours to about 20 days.

23 quick search threads on TPT.
H202 acted like Agent Orange! (you've been here)

Reaction in low TDS acidic water, tank water with high DOC, filthy substrate etc.
There are probably thousands of threads regarding hydrogen peroxide use, I'm sure you would find objection within the posted remarks of most.
I said aerobic bacteria including the mentioned nitrosomonas are only a small part of what's in the tank, "they are few in number respectively as it relates to freshwater aquariums" and (imo) they are.
H2O2 won't even touch myco and bleach ratios strong enough to kill it break down tank seals so it depends on what your after what you use, and how much of it.

It's been years since I had a foobar using it.
Thanks again for providing information and the time spent responding.

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