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I basically just put them in a small clear container with water. eventually they calm down and I get a chance to take a pic. the hardest part was getting the pic at high magnification...

ill see if I can get some pics of my cherry shrimp later tonight.

I would love to find a wild type shrimp that is easy to breed. then I could look at them and see what pigments they have. my guess is that there is a gene for each pigment. when a mutation occurs, it modifies or eliminates one. depending on how they are affected, you could have different
mutations that produce the same overall color. this would explain why shrimp genetics can get so confusing. one shrimp may have a mutation for large red chromatophores while a other has a mutation on every other color that eliminates them. the end result could look the same, but breeding the two would restore the eliminated pigments in one and return the red to normal size in the other. it would end up looking like they returned to wild type while being het for both types of mutation sets.
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