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I have all natural cleaners, but they definitely don't perform like the pledge.

Nothing creates the bowling alley type feel like a pledge/surface wax cleanser does when you wipe down a coffee table with a smooth hard surface.

Pledge is like a household version of Armor AllŪ, but with perfumes & other polishing agents.

Great product to use on a tabletop before you invite friends over for a poker match.

Most of those accidents could POSSIBLY be minimized if people who clean... spray directly into the cloth they use to wipe the surface down instead of saturating the item they're trying to DUST.

Make sure you never hire a maid service. Everyone cleans differently, but most people take the fastest route when it comes to dusting.

Ultimately the safest route is to eliminate the use of those products anywhere near your tanks.
  • Now that I think about it......Does anyone use incense/scented candles in the same room where you house your invert tanks??
  • Secuono what kind of cleaners do you use? What kind of inverts do you keep?
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