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I have no idea what the plants are. I asked the questions here and no one answer.

Plant ID help needed

I am guessing it is dwarf sag. Of course it's either that or the microsword. Actually I didn't just added that, it was behind the java fern at the right the last time.

If I go shrimp, I think I'll skip the oto, unless there is a need for it. Since as you say, they eat the same thing.

I am quite undecided whether to go fish or shrimp. I think a tank without a water column dwelling fish looks like something is missing. And as you say there are no baby shrimp safe fish. But I would be content if a few of the baby shrimp survives every batch, that way at least I'd get a net increase of shrimp population over time. Not sure if the plant density is enough to achieve this.

Or I could start with shrimp first, then add tetra when the shrimps reach a sizeable population.
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