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Originally Posted by scapegoat View Post
completely off topic for this forum. but! we're putting a drywall ceiling in our basement. We screwed 2x3's to the floor joists so we could clear some piping for our baseboard heat. I also routed some channels for existing wiring which we'll also toss on some steel plates so we cant screw through it.

much easier than cutting and moving pipe and drilling through the joists.
You ever see a thread that really stayed on topic?

As for wood. One thing you all seem to forget is you're never using a full 8' piece of wood. Even though you may have a warp, cup, bow or twist (or a combination of some or all) over the entire piece when it's broken down that will be minimized to a great extent. How many of you builders even bother to crown your studs? You're all looking for straight pieces but every stud has a crown to it.

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