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Oh IAL is India Almond Leaves, They will leach tannins into the water, which have lots of interesting properties, such as binding to heavy metals, along with anti-microbial properties. They also lower pH, and all of those factors should improve incubation success. Oh and Gordon sells them on the forum here.

For their food, I've got some microworm cultures going-for those who breed fish and haven't tried this, it is super easy.

I've actually got a second batch of eggs going now, The bitaeniata had their first spawn a few days ago, last night I saw the female roughed up the flap on the back side of her operculum some how, shes doing fine and eating and tending the spawn, so I decided it was time to take the duties over, and Grabbed the clay pot (I quickly replace it with an empty one, so she keeps working in there for a few days and the male still thinks shes doing her job). There were just 10 eggs left, but they all look viable and pigmented. Hopefully I'll be raising some T. candidi and A. bitaeniata. The T. candidi that hatched out seem to be doing just fine, still absorbing the yolk.
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