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Lighting help for 15 gallon-no co2...

I made a thread for this a while ago, but I can't find it! So here it is again!

My tank specs:
15 gallon, 2ft long, 12 inches deep
Miracle grow organic capped with sand in Front, gravel in back
No co2, no plans either
Lighting is a standard 10 gal hood with two cfl bulbs, 15 watts each
Dosing flourish comprehensive supplement, and will be using osmocote, potash/dolomite, and red clay caps when done fidgeting with the scape

Medium sword plant
Assorted aponogetons, two of which are over two feet long!
Stem plants, anacharis, Caboma, ambulia, rotundifolia, repens x arcuata, ludwiga red, and two more I'm not sure of the names
Marselia quad -doesn't seem to be growing though it is relatively new
Banana plants

ADF 2x
Least killifish
Will be adding RCS

My problem is this: the hood obviously doesn't fit the tank, so I have a glass top for it to sit on. I'd like to get a fixture that actually does fit the tank, but it doesn't have to be a hood. I tried the aqueon deluxe full hood, but the bulb was only 18 inches long, it had no reflector and it was only 15 watts. It left huge dark spots in my tank and my plants seemed to go down hill almost immediately after putting the light on the tank. I'm back to the ten gal hood now.
I'm pretty sure two 15 watt cycle puts me med-low light, and I'd like to keep the same level of lighting. Some areas of the tank grow a small amount of algea, though I want that, for the otos. I do supplement their diet with zucchini and algea wafers as well.

Are there hoods for two foot tanks that hold cfl bulbs? My plants especially the aponogeton seem to live the setup!

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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