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I saw you mention that you are into photography and while it hasn't come up any further in the thread I just thought I would say - I'm a photographer and don't be a photographer lol. Unless you are interested in running your own business that is. Photography is fun, but there aren't many jobs you can find where someone will "hire" you. It's usually a self made career path.

I also would say that while you want to do something you will enjoy - at the same time it's work and I think there are a small fraction of people who wake up every morning excited to leave the house because they love what they do that much. I think it's more important to find something that interests you and you can handle spending a lot of your time doing it. I also think that for some people it's important to keep hobbies as your hobbies... It's something you can enjoy on the weekends and it doesn't have to become a laborious task that is your job. It stays light and fun and you can put as much or as little of your attention and time into it as you really feel like.

I think that far too often young people will pick something that they love doing without thinking far enough down the line of how it will make them marketable in the work place. I also think that just picking something you love and saying that you will make your own business is a great idea but it really takes a lot of work because there is far more to it than just the part that you love. There is marketing, invoicing/billing, financial planning and management, health insurance, liability insurance... And then there is of course the investment into supplies and costs of the business.

Not trying to shoot you down here because I know I probably sound a bit pessimistic - I guess I just wish that someone had kind of set my eyes in a different place when I was around your age. I just don't think the whole "you can be whatever you want!!!" when you grow up is the most productive way of pointing young minds into the future.

Whatever you do, try doing some research about what those positions pay, how high of a demand there is for it in the market place, and what sort of education is required to get there. I can't tell you how many people I knew who majored in Sociology because it was interesting, Ceramics because they loved creating art or Philosophy because they loved thinking about deep concepts - and came out of college without much marketable skills or knowledge.

Try reading some stuff on Although sometimes I think the information can be over generalized and maybe not accurate in each region of the country it's a good starting place to understand what is happening in the job market.

All that being said I think that you have a good head on you, because you're looking at all of this at such a young age and much engaged than a lot of people really are. It's also not set in stone, you have the chance to change your major once you get to school and find more interesting new classes to take.
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