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Update: While I was gone for Christmas break, my CO2 ran low, so I had an algae bloom. When I returned, the plants were completely overrun with hair algae, whether it be spirogyra or other types, as well as BBA. It appears that I didn't re-acclimate my shrimp adequately when I added them back to the tank right before I left and I guess they all died Since I got back last week, I've treated with AlgaeFix for 2 doses, one dose on the first day and one dose on the 4th day. It has nearly eliminated the hair algae. I will dose maybe once or twice more to try to get rid of it all, but the AlgaeFix worked wonders on the hair algae. Now I just have to figure out how to kill the BBA. Now that I have my CO2 back in order, I should be able to prevent further growth, but killing what is already there in my next task to conquer.
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