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Originally Posted by Shiggy View Post
Thanks for the suggestion but I am kind of scared with using that stuff because i plan on getting inverts. Also i was wondering would amano or nerites do the job?
It's fine as long as you remove the inverts during the treatment. This would be a time when it would be handy to have a quarantine tank . Just do a big water change or two after the treatment before adding the inverts back. I think it would take a large group of amanos to do the trick. I had around 17 in my 30 gallon and I couldn't really tell that they made much of a difference. Don't know about nerites. If you don't currently have inverts, it shouldn't be a problem to use the AlgaeFix. Only use the recommended dose though, don't overdose. It might also help to add an air stone just as a precaution. As I said though, the underlying cause of the algae should be corrected if you want to prevent the algae from returning.
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