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Originally Posted by Shiggy View Post
Hey I have an hair algae issue. I just recently made a DIY co2 system and been dosing excel, but In some of my moss it looks like the hair algae is dead and white. Will my MTS and ramshorn take care of this dead hair algae?
I don't know about the snails eating the dead hair algae, but API AlgaeFix works wonders on hair algae, although be careful using it if you have inverts. It will likely kill the inverts. You can remove the inverts and quarantine them while you treat the tank, but I recently used AlgaeFix on my 30 gallon that was overrun by hair algae when my CO2 ran out while I was on vacation and after 2 doses 3 days apart, 90% of the hair algae is dead and gone. While this seems to be a pretty reliable means to kill the algae once it is established, the underlying issue that caused the algae in the first place must be corrected if you want to prevent it from returning.
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