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Originally Posted by cableguy69846 View Post
Glad you are still kicking man. Your daughter is beautiful, and your son is quite a handsome man.

I really can't believe what I just saw though. The tank?! EMPTY?!

I did see the new coat of paint and sparkly clean glass. Glad it is getting a second life.
Thanks, Cable! They're quite the handful.

Yea, I know, it's still empty. I have to work on the 1/4 round and some other stuff before i can work on the tank, or i'll be in trouble lol.... i have been working on it when im home alone tho haha.

Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
when is it going back up? Did a local buddy foster your critters and plants for you?

your kids are crazy cute, as in, they are so cute it is almost painful.
Thanks! So I guess 2 negatives really do make a positive. lol Cuz Mom and Dad are a couple of G double O N's. Oliver is going through the terrible two's at 4. Sometimes it's brutal... And Heidi definately is a Daddy's girl as long as Mommy doesnt leave her sight lol.

I thought about asking Harrison to house them, but I figured I'd just do it myself. I split them up in smaller tanks upstairs for now, and all the plants are in tubs upstairs.

It going back up depends on how motivated I am to finish my (wife's) to do list. haha. Going to work on the 1/4 round this weekend.

125g Mud tank.
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