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My CO2 ran out while I was gone over Christmas break (college student) and now I have BBA growing all over my driftwood and equipment. I am using and Excel overdose (2x normal dose) to try to kill it, but as with any algae, the underlying problem must be corrected. I believe BBA appears when CO2 levels are low or inconsistent, so that is likely the underlying issue that must be corrected. You can also attempt to reduce your light intensity, which would then result in decreased metabolic rate of the plants and therefore decreased demand for CO2. In my experience so far, H2O2 spot treating helps kill it, but you have to be diligent about it. I have yet to see H2O2 actually kill the BBA, but I have to admit that I haven't been as persistent about spot treating. Also, spot treating is really only practical if you have localized areas with BBA. You can safely use about 3mL 3% H2O2/gallon aquarium water, but don't just add it to the water. You must turn off the filter to stop water circulation, then spot treat with a syringe or pipette. If you just add the H2O2 to the water, it won't have any effect on the algae. Leave filter off for 10-15 minutes after treating, then you can turn it on again. As for treating the whole tank, I can't say for sure, but I've read a few places that overdosing Excel seems to work as long as you correct the underlying issue. Hope this helps some.
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