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10g "Submerged Aquatic World Project"

Hi all, after posting my small shrimp tank, now is time for my main tank


54l (60x30x30)
Light: 14w Beamswork PowerLed 10k (5w + 9w fixures) total 1400 lumen
Filter: Eheim 2213 plus with glass lily pipes 12/16mm - media(bottom up): Sera Biopur - eheim filter pad - JBL Micromec - glass fiber wool
Heater: Eheim Jaeger 75w
Air pump: Resun AIR-4000
CO2 Equipment: TMC V2 Regulator pro with 2kg cylinder, Blau brass bubble counter, UpAqua 2in1 reactor/atomizer
Misc: Seachem Amonia Alert series; Dropchecker with 4 dKh & Blau CO2 indicator liquid


Terracota pot with aquarium safe silicone glued with gravel
ADA AquaSoil New Amazonia and vulcanic black fine gravel 0-3mm
Vulcanic rock


- Hemianthus Callitrichoides
- Hydrocotyle tripartita
- Anubia barteri var. nana
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Anubias barteri var. nana 'Petite'
- Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
- Myriophyllum Mattogrossense var. Red
- Taxiphyllum barbieri

Fauna (incoming)

- Neocaridina Heteropoda Var. Red
- Paracheirodon innesi
- Microgeophagus Ramirezi

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so this is for shrimp, right, cause of so, they are gonna like it! i would add some small rasboras in with em also

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60-F lover!
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I like that little cave on the right hand side. What is it made out of. It looks like your using black sand blasting substrate as well?

That piece of wood is nice, but I would move it up above the cave and have willow moss to grow and hang down like in a swamp over the cave,


must....have.....more....moss n shrimp!!!!!!!!!!

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I like the cave as well! I also think moving the wood above the cave and adding moss to it would look neat.

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If you guys liked the wood, you gonna like the new one i got,

Sorry for the incomplete post, i shall complete it in no time,

But for the questions,

This is gonna house RCS, Neon inessi and 2 ramirezi, i gont no space for more, not i want more,

I would love some Corys but the gravel isnt soft for them unfortanely,

the substrate is a local gravel rock, vulcanic i mean, ithink i have a close up of it somewhere,

The cave is made with terracota, cutted in half ( i managed to melt my drill on the process) and i glued the gravel with aquarium silicone)

Thanks for the compliments, i had to redo the cave 3 times before i liked it, at 1st i wanted a rock made cave but that simply didnt work hehe
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Added the tank info to main post

Here is the new drift wood, since i didint yet placed it to water, its too bright for now:

I think i better chop it a little, but in the other hand, if i place it more to the corner, it doesnt look good, i already tried it, but wasnt with some branches trimmed of course.

i like it like that, hides the cave a little bit and with moss on it, it should get more natural looking, plus its a powerful view due to the small tank, but thats my aquaspace inexperience talking i guess, some may say there will be just too much hardscape stuff in here.

I have to place both woods together today for the general picture.
Do you guys think it will be too much stuff placed together?

Since i will be using EI dosing and a nice stable CO2 system, im hoping that my low light system wont kill my plants,
Since Tom Barr says we dont need that much light to growth, if we have good CO2 and nutrients, im crossing my fingers that my case wont be the exception.
For now im DSM the Hemianthus Callitrichoides for a month now, with little growth and some melting, plus algae on the aquasoil and gravel and fungus lol..im not that lucky i guess

edit: here is my gravel:


The price per Ton is 20 cents so they offered my 20kg or the cost of paper would be more expensive than offering hehe

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Ok, gone home and tried again with the wood, this tine wet so the true color an be seen and added my small wood:

I like this one since gives a nice hidden spot with the moss to the cave, allows nice hidding soot on the back and i loke the way that the bigger branch reaches surface and the middle one goes to the center of the tank, and optimizes the space of the tank.
Lets call it "X" form

Now this one:

Seems like a guardian with his hand on the ground protecting the cave, my mind is a lot imaginative :p
So i like it since gives way to use the Tripartita on the back, could be nice with the bunch of Althernantera Reinickii mini on the middle with that branch and placing moss on the main body and branches, also gives a little shade and acts more naturally, like a part of a tree root.
The disvantage is really the lot of space it occupies.

So i would apreciate some opinions on this

Btw you guys like the smaller wood?
I think it gives a nice 3 point view of the tank instead of only 2 points of hardscape to view and browse and with moss and anubias nana petite would be nice and reenforce the dark theme

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I like that last picture the best.

The Fraternity of Dirt #144
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ya I like the placement of the bigger wood in the last picture. I kinda feel the smaller wood on the left is a bit distracting, maybe it's just me
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Im inclined for the 2nd as well

Wanst it supposed to be distracting? looking at it, then the rock then the bigger one and going back to the smaller one?
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The original tought was to place the anubias on the front of the rock, 3 pots of it would give enough anubias to fill the front, but you guys would put it elsewhere? like on the smaller wood and bigger one?

I may also cut the top of the bigger wood, the front branch to place less shade,

Looking at the back right corner, im thinking on placing a moss mat to fill that zone, great hidding place and low light would be problematic for any plant there,

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Update: Flooded the tank!

After almost 2 months of DSM the Hemianthus Callitrichoides, now was the tine to flood the tank,

Here is the pic:

Took me 2 hours with a 4mm tube to fill it,
Its foggy, but thats expected i guess,

A fellow aquarist offered me most of the Althernanthera Reinickii mini and the Tripartita plants,
I bought the Myrilofilum Mattogrossense red, crypto repens, anubia nana and anubia nana petite

The big wood wasnt full water logged so it inst stable noe, had to put 2 rocks for now lol

Co2 is pumping but dunno if the floe is the best, since the little bubbles doesnt resch to all the cubas,
For nos is flowing from upper right corner to bottom left corner, i guess tue hardscape doesnt allow full flow,

The external reactor is a chinese one and i may pay the price for it since i djnno if im having a good diffusion at all,

Since i have fertile soil should i start adding fertilizer?
EI dosing i mean, or should i wait?

For now the schegule is this:
10 hours light
Co2 starts 1 hour before lights and ends 1 hour before they go out
Air lump kicks in after lights go and and kicks out when co2 starts

I hope you guys like the reinickki, its the main plant here

Hoping for critics since most of the stuff i did, im not sure i did them right lol
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Hi all, some pics :

See my little diy bubble counter?
well io placed baby oil inside it with a no return valve,
the baby oil is leaking and even with hot glue it doesnt stop,
maybe some cooking oil it wont happen, i didnt want to buy an bubble counter, but oh well..
The reactor in that position traps the co2 bubbles on the top, i guess this will make them more dissolved?
the tank doesnt show much little bubbles, so i guess that happens,
when the co2 is off this morning, i didnt see any bubbles,

Drop checker was solid green this moring, co2 was off since midnight.

Little foxtail, one of them was floating this morning, i had to replant it,
the air stone is beneath them, so i guess it disturbed the root.

Lets hope the moss covers all this area

The crypto wasnt on my plans, lets hope they thrive,
theres a white stain on one leave, is that a fungus? it came with the plant

Little cubas are a beaten up from the DSM, i hope they thrive from the melted parts.

Tripartitas are a pain to plant, Tropica recomends to press them down, but that will be hard to do lol

General view, the small wood will go away, i may place a small rock in there or may not place anything, the wood distracts the attention from the rock and big wood,
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Hi all, got a update:

So bought a rotala indica, 2 pots free,
I still dont got usued to the leave format of them but with time i will
Bought 1 more pot of crytocorybe parva for the left side,
Tomorow is WC day and i will work a little with the anubia placement on the rock

Had to change waterflow, the rotala were trown to sides so the flow now is on a diagonal, lets see tomorow how co2 responds
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Hi all, did a 80% wC today and re-did some stuff, trimmed and cleaned,

Here is the aspect now
For now its trimming the growth forthe desired places of growth,

Started ei dosing today,
Added KNO3 for 5ppm, and KH2PO4 as well and MgSo4 to have 1 dGH,
Since my gH is low, i guess i dont have any Mg at all,
Tomorow is micro day,

Hope all enjoy:

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