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I noticed many posting that Endler's can be kept in Shrimp tanks, and I thought I would clarify something given my own experience with them both.

Male Endler's have small mouths and short attention spans, yet are curious and active so they nip at almost everything in their fish tank. this behavior profile makes them relatively safe to keep with shrimp as long as the shrimp have somewhere to hide temporarily during an Endler's occasional short span of curiosity, so a bare bottom breeder tank with nothing but gravel would be a bad idea.

Female Endler's can have much larger mouths and will focus for a minute in pursuit of food. They are as curious and active as males thus they nip at everything in their fish tank. this behavior profile makes them hazardous for any Shrimp under 1cm in size, or they may take limbs off young shrimp. shrimp hiding places may not help since the females will pursue the shrimp soon after they come out of cover when foraging for food.

So I would like to make the distinction that Male Endler's may be safe for Shrimp and possibly even hiding fry, while Female Endler's will certainly put an "end" to anything they can fit in their mouths like whole shrimp fry and the limbs of lazy shrimp under 1cm.
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planted tank sickness
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i have cherries and endlers breeding in the same tank, both populations boom and bust periodically. the endlers occasionally do get the shrimp, but it seems it occurs mainly when they are REALLY small.

certainly females eat more shrimp than males, but they have not wiped out the population to a point it could not recover from.
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I'm sure some of y'all have seen this site, franks aquarium. I've never ordered from them, but it's one of the best sites for references for somewhat unusual little fish:
There's more nano-fish in the other sections as well like barbs and tetras....


jbj 24dx red sea paintball co2
ada mini m
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I've ordered nano fish from him and he's a great guy to deal with. Assuming Frank is the guy running the store. A few died on transit and he refunded us.
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TAO gave an impressive site with a large veriety of good looking fish.
Thanks for the list, I have found several impresive colors for micro tanks, they actually give a marine tank the run for the money. Well, more like 3:1 savings on the price of fish and less hassles.
I have 3 micro tanks, (2) 10 gl and (1) 5 gl hex.

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dont forget the dwarf puffers!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Daniel*Swords View Post
Guys! I think we are missing all the nice killis!!
Anyone keep those to give us a starting point?

After browsing the forum, found that these have been kept by members too.

Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)
Similis Ciclid (Neolamprologus similis)
Bumblee Goby (Brachygobius sp.)
Pygmy/ Sparkling Gourami (Trichopsis pumila)
I know this thread has been around for a while, but a killie question gone unanswered is something I can't bear to see
Most all of the lampeye killies (genera Aplocheilichthys, Poropanchax, Lacustricola, etc) are fantastic candidates for nano-planted tanks. My experience with lampeyes is solely with a Lacustricola (cant think of the species right now, but it was actually an east african one). They are a neat little fish (and baby brine shrimp are your friend if you have lampeyes!).
Any of the small chromaphyosemions (bivitattum, bitaeniatum, sp. Ecurya) make fantastic colonies in small planted tanks. That goes for many of the other more common Aphyosemions. Some of the rarer aphyosemions would probably live in them, but breeding in a planted tank could be a challenge for some (such as the diapterons). Those are perhaps best off in a java moss tank.
Rivulus (and the fish that used to be in rivulus, taxonomists are splitting the genus up as we speak) are also good planted-tank choices, though some get pretty big. These are probably killies best for really shallow tanks (it helps with agression issues).
Some of the genera listed in an earlier post (I recall seeing terranatos, which is a monotypic genus that plays host to dolichopterus, the famous saber-fin killie) are soil spawning killies (lay eggs in mud in the bottom of temporary pools, pools dry up, eggs incubate, fry hatch when the rains return...more to it, but not room in one post). These are fish best left to breeding tanks, and definitely to species tanks. Peat moss is just something you dont want to have to take out and incubate out of your planted nano tank. Don't want to breed the fish? That's fine, but dont expect a long life out of the fish (some soil spawners, like Nothobranchius furzeri or T. dolichopterus are alive in the wild for a matter of only a few months. Even with proper care they can only be expected to live for 9-10 months--less on furzeri.)
Epiplatys are good choices, but only fish like Ps. annulats (clown killie), Ep. chevalieri, Ep. dageti and allies stay small enough for nano tanks. Smaller aplocheilus species (like parva and kirshmeri) can be kept in a similar fashion.
Lastly, there are natives that work well. Fundulus dispar is one that I kept in a planted tank with good results. Jen's darters make good tankmates too! (keep the water flowing! Oxygen is key).
Well...after that novel, I think I have about summed them up...It's hard to pinpoint just a few fish to add to the list...
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I haven't seen the Least Killifish (heterandria formosa) listed

Native to Florida i believe, males get just under an inch and females maybe 1 1/4 inch. These are livebearers and are super easy to keep. Parents will not harm fry. Some people think they are kinda plain looking, but they are very fun fish to watch. Doubtful you'll find these in your LFS though. I really love these tiny personable fish! I've had mine for almost a year now.. easily take any food provided (as long as its small enough) and will even forge for algae.

Here's a Video of them :

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I suggest if someone has extra time they could compose a list (using excel maybe) of generic name, scientific name, pictures, length. Or at least the lengths of the fish. That would probably help greatly rather than just posting scientific names. But I know no one probably has the time so here's a tetra list if anyone's interested in tetras like I am.

Here's the first 10 on the list:

1.7cm/0.67" Ruby tetra Axelrodia riesei
2cm/0.79" Ember tetra Hyphessobrycon amandae
2cm/0.79" Green Neon tetra Paracheirodon simulans
2.1cm/0.83" Jellybean tetra Lepidarchus adonis
2.7cm/1.06" Silvertip tetra Hasemania nana
2.8cm/1.10" Royal tetra Inpaichthys kerri
3.1cm/1.22" Jewel tetra Hyphessobrycon eques
3.2cm/1.26" Blackline Penguinfish Thayeria boehlkei
3.2cm/1.26" Red phantom tetra Hyphessobrycon sweglesi
3.3cm/1.30" Flag tetra Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus

-thanks to the wolf...
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Least Darters (Etheostoma microperca) make great nano-tank inhabitants! Their natural habitat in the wild is slowly-moving waters that are heavily vegetated. I don't have any in-stock now, but hope to in the spring. You can PM or email me if you want to be alerted to when I have them available.


Brian J. Torreano - Owner
BTDarters -
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has anyone mentioned gold cloud mountain minnows?
they are very active, and colorful fish. the males constantly display and fight about the pecking order (they dont really hurt each other though).
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White clouds were mentioned earlier - unless I'm wrong, Gold Clouds are just a subvariety of coloration. They (along with the Vietnamese cousin, Tanichthys micagemmae) are excellent for tanks without heaters.
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iv a few concerns about some of the fish on these lists, i think like what the first post said, some distinction should be made... i dont think i would ever put any tetra in a 5gallon or less tank, simply b/c they are active and like company, its just to small. Same with the Otto's who would need more algae to feed off of.
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I agree that this list needs some organization and that there are fish that are small, and then there's fish that are OK for nano-tanks - and the two are not always the same.

One of the problems is the number of organizational info requests though. Some people want 'em sorted by their water preferences (which alone has Ph, hardness, and temp. as sub-categories); others want them sorted by size, or their ability to play nice in a community tank, or where in the tank they tend to hang out. Still others want them arranged by species info, geographical origin, and even coloration.

This is obviously not do-able as a simple linear list.

What needs to happen instead is to compile a spreadsheet so that people can do their own sorting and whatnot. This will not be a simple job initially, (and as I work full-time and then some, am married, and actively pursue playing music - a spare 3 or 4 hours is hard to come by!) ...but anyone who wants to volunteer has my blessing and any assistance I can provide, and probably lots of other folks here too.

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i could try sorting through the list and making a website that has them listed by those characteristic, but not until school is out (this is the last week).
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