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I've had at least 3 dwarf puffers in a 25 gal.
Originally Posted by radioman View Post
Do they seem to have a personality?
They are like the dogs of the fish world, mine would actually come to the front of the tank when I was near. Always hanging out near the surface if I was near. Curious little guys. I kept them with 4 black skirted tetras and while they are nippers/like their space, the puffers were too slow to really catch them.
I fed them frozen blood worms, which they slurped up like spaghetti. Slowly, but surely. Quicker fish would usually eat almost everything before they could. I hear they like to eat snails.
Originally Posted by craigofva View Post
Do they every puff up? im not even sure if that is somethingthey cant even do
Unknowingly, I had an filter without a sponge in it and I came home one day to find one of them puffed and stuck in the filter. I turned off the filter and hoped it hadn't been there long. It eventually deflated and went along its way. But they did get stuck a lot, I think due to their curiosity.
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Originally Posted by michaelracer View Post
indian dwarf puffers love worms and snails, really hard to get them to eat frozen foods...
I haven't found this to be true at all, so it must vary from puffer to puffer. Mine loves frozen brine shrimp. He prefers them over bloodworms, but his favorite is definitely live snails. When I drop a snail in his tank it barely hits the bottom before he's on it. I think the trick to the frozen foods might be to let the current in the tank move it so they can "hunt." I don't use a dish or turkey baster or anything, I just drop a couple at a time in with a plastic spoon and they swirl around until he chases them down.
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yeah i tried for months with many different types of frozen and they wouldn't even look at it
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Mine hates frozen brine shrimp. It must vary from puffer to puffer. As my puffers hate hunting, well at least one of them.
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I have 2 dwarf puffers in a 8 gallon tank with 1 pygmy cory (he was a rescue) and a bunch of cherry shrimp. The puffers treat the cory cat like it's their child, and they ignore the shrimp.

Mine eat frozen blood worms, but I try to make sure that they get the smaller sized blood worms. The bigger normal sized ones are harder for them to eat.

My puffs were super skiddish at first, and it seems to really take quite a while for them to warm up to others. The male always hangs back and watches, vs. the female who is always up front to say hi. I have had them for about 6 months now and I love them!

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I absolutely hate this tank but love the occupants: 1 DP and 1 South American puffer.

This tank has huge condensation issues with the top and will cause water to drip down the back of the tank down the wires if they are not taped to the top of the lid. The problem is that the top of the lid is so hot that duck tape does not stay on it for very long and it will randomly leak all over the floor on me.

Anyways here are updated pictures:

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I have two in a ten gallon. Wish I had a bigger tank for them. People think its weird how i only have 2 super small fish in a tank but I think less is more. They have more personality than any other fish I've ever seen. They seem to know who I am whereas other fish could care less.
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Definitely have a lot of character. I can't wait to move them to a ten gallon. Probably going to swap out their tank with the ten gallon I have running and do a total redo of the ten once the latest batch of shrimp babies get to a good size.

Not a big fan of how hard it is to do a planted tank with this tanks stock light and how it leaks if the cords are allowed to go straight down.

If I am going to continue to house these two together I need to break up the sight lines more. No aggression yet but it could come at any time.
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The SA Puffer will grow to 5+ inches.

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Sadly I don't think the SA will make it much longer. Been battling with IP since I got him. Haven't been able to solve it with all kinds of medication. Got ich halfway into the IP treatment and had to treat with paraguard. If I can't get rid of the IP he isn't going to live much longer.
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Those guys are cute! Great info!
I have a couple of GSPs, different enough that I think they are different species though. (I think 3 differents species are considered GSPs?)
I like the newness of keeping brackish but it does have it's limitations!

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