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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
You guys are kidding right? I mean this whole thread is a joke right? 10 Days under ground squirrel skeleton? Deer keeping head family?

Post pictures or it didn't happen.

I grew up in a rural area, and it wasn't uncommon to find stuff when wandering around the woods/fields/roads. I never encountered a deer skeleton/corpse, but did see several cow (both skeletal and fresh, plus the cowpasture was littered with scattered bones), Most of a (old and well-weathered) dog skeleton, plus countless of the typical roadkill - raccoon, opossum, cat, etc. (usually had heavy head trauma, but every now and then you would come across an intact skull).

Even aside from the morbid bits, skulls/skeletons can be rather interesting - they are a part of an animal that is rarely seen, yet every quality of that animal (what it eats, how it moves, etc.) is reflected in the skull and skeleton. plus, I developed an early interest in paleontology, geology, and biology, which sorta contributed a bit...
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