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Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
I'd get a good UV sterilizer.
You'd be amazed at the good it can produce in any planted tank - and how it can improve so many things, e.g. - water clarity and quality, water circulation within the tank, providing access of fertilizers to the plants, reduction of algae problems, water purification, elimination or lessening of potential viral or parasitic substances in the tank, elimination of green water, clearance of oily films on the water surface - the list goes on.
I wouldn't be without one.
I've been fish-keeping for over 50 years, and have been keeping/raising discus for many of those years, and my best aquatic 'pal' in the tank is a UV sterilizer !
I run one 24/7.
+1, it is a "must have", this thing can prevent any disease for the discus or altum, better than stocking up medicine, but $200 is too much, for $50 you can get a good unit, .
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