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Originally Posted by bbrackeen View Post
Enjoyed reading your Journal, glad to see you're still active. I know myself in included, interest always ebbs and flows. Especially like the angels, I'm still waffling between discus or angels.

... and Paul, you speak the truth. I bet you have a folder of canned discus newb posts at the ready. Its easy to get pretty gung-ho in the beginning, but at least for myself; get a few fish in there and the "master plan" starts to mellow.

Interesting you say that.

I don't have a folder of canned newb discus posts at the ready, but maybe I should. LOL
Very seriously though, I do very much enjoy assisting discus newbies any way I can, hopefully helping them to avoid unneccessary discus fatalities through ignorance or innocent error.
And it seems that the vast majority of questions, or problems, are somewhat unique, requiring a slightly altered, or different, response - so maybe any canned stuff wouldn't be effective.
Also, you never know till you try it - and often very good things come of it - so one shouldn't be shy about reasonable experimentation.

I do appreciate your comment.
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