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My first terrarium (18x18x18 millipede tank)

I haven't done anything like this before and I'm pretty nervous. Any advice would be appreciated

Forgive the shaky cellphone photo. I'll get better photos once I can borrow a camera. (The tank doesn't look quite as butt-ugly in person, and will hopefully improve as the plants grow)

It is currently occupied by 4 sexed pairs of Florida ivory millipedes (Chicobolus spinigerus) and 1 male glossy black pinkleg millipede (Dendrostreptus macracanthus).
Here is my very handsome pinkleg.

Hopefully the Florida ivories will breed sometime this year. I'm really hoping I can find some mates for the pinkleg someday, but it's a kinda hard species to find.

The temp is 70-75, with a 75 watt heatlamp that casts an ugly as sin red glow on everything. Fortunately I'll only have to use it a few months out of the year cause I live in Texas. I'm trying to keep the humidity in the 70-80% range, but it's a bit difficult with as much ventilation as I have. Hopefully the plants will help. I've got about 4 inches of ABG mix over a drainage layer of hydroton as substrate, with leaf litter on top of that. Lots of cork bark for the pinkleg to climb.

The plants just arrived today, and I really should have given them some time to take root, but I wanted to get the bugs into their tank right away, since the arboreal pinkleg kept trying to escape their temporary tank. I'm hoping it won't be too much of a problem since the pedes don't jump around like frogs.

I've got 3 baby tears, 2 creeping fig, and some sheet moss in there. The moss arrived looking a bit worse for the wear, but I'm hoping it will perk up. Also pretty sure I saw an ant after I put the plants in (they came from Josh's Frogs). I hope a single ant won't be too problematic.

The pinkleg and one of the florida ivories have been exploring, but the other ivories haven't come out of hiding yet.
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