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If you had $200.00 that could only be used for equipment what would you buy?

I thought this might be a fun little thread. It may have been done before so I apologize in advance if it has but a quick search didn't turn up anything similar.

I wanted to get an idea of what pieces of equipment people are lusting after for their planted tanks. If you had $200 USD right now that you had to spend on equipment for your planted tank what would you buy? No livestock or plants allowed, its got to be equipment. It could be one item or ten it doesn't matter as long as you stay under the $200 USD mark.

$200 is kind of an arbitrary number but it seemed like an amount that could buy a decent piece of equipment that was also a reachable target for most people without being too outrageous. Feel free to convert to Pounds or Euros or Yen or whatever your currency of choice might be but try to get it close to the $200 USD mark if you can. Pictures or links are encouraged and if you can tell us a little bit about why you would want it for your particular tank that would be wonderful as well. Thanks for participating and I am looking forward to seeings everyone's most coveted items.
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