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My filter came in today. The new base has a slow leak, so instead of actually fixing it, I just moved the new media and top over to the old base and set it up that way.

My husband helped me with the co2, and he gave me a heart attack when he first opened the tank. I have a cheap Aquateck regulator, which just pops to the pressure it's set to be at. And yes, it makes a popping sound. The very first time we set up my pressurized system, we blew out the needle valve (it was totally shut off and combined with the "pop", it blew it out). The popping gave me a Vietnam flashback, and my husband cranked the co2 tank WIDE open, which made the bubble counter go crazy. I quickly turned it down and then tested the needlevalve: it works!

Now begins the "tweaking" process, because I know the needle valve isn't steady.


I FOUND A SNAIL IN THE TANK!! I'm pretty happy for finding a snail- it means *something* can survive in there.

Most of the plants appear to be settling in just peachy. The crypt wendtii has basically melted down to nothingness. Not sure if it will come back or not. Crypts hate me and everything I stand for, so I'm not at all surprised. There are a few melted leaves on some of the blyxa, and one plant I trashed all together because it was pretty tattered. Now that the co2 is running, I'll dose the ferts a bit more heavily and hopefully the plants will start taking off here soon.

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