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Dead snails in substrate

Hello all. Long time lurker here. I've gotten lots of info from this site, but now I have a question that I haven't found the exact answer for.

I recently moved across the country for my job. I tore down my heavily planted 55 and stored the eco complete in two sealed 5 gallon buckets. During the trip, the substrate ended up freezing :/

Well, here I am setting up a new 75. I dumped the old eco complete into the tank and immediately noticed the smell... I assume there's some dead snails in the substrate. I added 40 more pounds of new eco complete. Is all of this substrate bad due to the dead snails? I'm concerned that this will cause a ton of ammonia to be leached out of the substrate. I was planning on heavily planting this tank (with the plants from the old 55, which I have saved in a cooler. They're doing just fine.)


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