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Simple update:
This tank has gone through a few cycles of algae. The first and most obvious is diatoms. That hasn't totally gone away but much better. I also got a fair amount of BGA. I think that was either already in the substrate from the last tank I tore down, or from the fact I just rinsed a really dirty filter sponge, along with quite a bit of dead HC. Either way, I conquered it for the first time without using Erythromycin or anything else. Just upped the nitrates and it went away. Lastly, I was getting some fuzz algae, kind of died off for the most part. I haven't treated or removed any algae so I think I am doing well, even though it's frustrating.

Now, the tank seems to be balancing it self out, but growth has been slow. I told myself I would not do anything sudden and I am trying to keep to that. The one time I didn't was filling to early and I lost probably 2/3 of my HC if not more. Filling to early wasn't the mistake, not replanting it was. Anyway, I am doing everything very slowly which probably isn't much fun to watch. I did lower my light about an inch, today, to see what happens. If it goes good for awhile, I plan to extend the photoperiod. If that goes good, I may try my second bank of lights for a noon burst. I will continue to move slowly myself but hopefully growth picks up soon.

Not super interesting yet but here is a pic:
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