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I agree that it is unconventional to place tall stuffs in front. However I have a tendency to do that.

In my other tank, I also made it a point to have something taller to obscure the frontal view of some shorter things at the back. However they are not completely hidden, by changing the viewpoint, the hidden shorter stuff would become visible. IMHO, this kind of layering adds depth. I think I also read some who advocate this for smaller tank.

To me it kind of gives the impression that there are more stuffs beyond the back wall. However, in this case it might be a bit overdone. As the tank is too small and the plants are too large.

Another reason that I did not put that plant (I have no idea what that is too) further back, is that I want to keep a distance between it and the anubias/java fern cluster. IMHO it looks too similar with the Java fern that it would blend in if placed too close to one another. Or do you mean that I should put it to the left of the wisteria?

As for the split ends Java fern at the right, I do think it is quite a mistake, along with the anubias and the Java ferns at the back. I think they were too large and overwhelming for the tank. I didn't put it at the back because the split leaves look similar to the wisteria on the left, so it would look too symmetrical.

I do think there is a lot of problem with the aquascaping. Firstly, the plant choices made is kind of like grocery shopping, basically making do with what's on the shelves. Not only that I grabbed the wrong stuffs from the shelves. I suppose my inexperience with the plants shows. Secondly, I think the way that I slope the substrate (pleteau+slope) made the choices limited and difficult. I don't really know what to do with the substrate too. I am not sure if flat or a constant slope all the way to the back would be a better idea. I think random hills and valleys would be nice, like iwagumi, but I don't know if the shape would last.

So, I'll either leave most of it intact, or do a total makeover. I hate to disturb the substrate and cloud the water.

My plan for the fishes was 10 neon or cardinal tetra. If I don't do shrimp, I'll have oto as well. But with shrimps, is it better to do without the oto?
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