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Still here, and visit when ever I can

Still here, got a few crazy ideas for my "tank wall" project. Now just need to figure out where to start (when would be the actual word). So far it looks like 6 40B's, a 75 or 90 and possibly 2 55's. The room center piece will be a 120. Still trying to decide on filters, I want all canisters and all of them to be the same model, some will get 2 or 3 not sure yet. I have 1 Cascade 1000, 1 Rena 2, 1 magnum 350, 1 Fluval 306 and 3 Fluval 205's. So far the 306 has out preformed the rest but the 205's (want 206's) work great in the 40B. I kind of like the Cascade but the baskets are a weird shape, the Rena would be better if it was the XL. I have large sponges in all but 1 of the 5 tanks currently (1 23 gal cube (Ghost shrimp and platies), 1 40B, 1 20 (brackish and Fiddler crabs), 2 55's). Still playing with the light thing too, might not figure that out for a while. CO2???? the jury is still out, if I do it will be the large industrial welding bottle and automated controls. I figure with my work schedule it might be done by christmas of 2013 (she hopes so too) the living room is a disaster with half a wall missing. What ever I do it has to be simple and self sustaining for up to a month without assistance.

I have thought about sumps....... lets just say 'thought about' for now, not out of the question, the 120 will have a sump unless I can find an FX5 for a good deal and it will probably be drilled. I have alot of overseas projects right now that are filling up the schedule, so I don't know when the project will be done.

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