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Not much of an update, but i ordered another ray2. I was hoping one would be enough light, but after looking at the finnex par chart, i realized there par data is open air, and im not getting as good of a light spread as i wanted, the back of the tank looks rather dark, so i will have another ray 2 in a few days, and hopefully some mad pearling pictures will follow. The flame moss on the branches toward the top of the tank pearl like crazy right now, i had a little browning as it acclimated the past 2 weeks but its bouncing back with its usually bright green upward growth. the tropica is growing strangely, not sure why if its still just rooting in, its getting twisted growth, and the 2 stems of downi i had, have some transparency in the new growth, hopefully as they root in they will perk up, it might also be a c02 issue, ive been increasing c02 every other day and it still has not stressed the fish out, drop checker is pretty close to yellow throughout the entire light cycle so at least i know its not all degassing from the wet dry
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