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Questions on DIY shrimp foods...

For folks that make their own foods I have a few questions. If you incorporate fresh leaves in the mix such as kale of spinach, do you just crush them fresh in the mortar and pestle or do you/can you boil them first? I'm not looking for food to freeze, I'm looking for food to dry to so that will make a difference. As far as drying goes, do you recommend a dehydrator or low temp oven baked and if so what is your recommended temp and time?

And lastly, when Spring comes and my stinging nettle leaves begin to grow again I'd like to create a pellet out of them. I know how to get to pellet form, my concern is do I crush them fresh, boil them first, go with agar agar or without? I'm thinking if I just go with fresh they may be too dry, even crushed up, to work. I admit having limited experience with a mortar and pestle so there could be enough moisture in them, just not sure.

Thanks in advance. I've gathered quite a bit of information in the last few months on how to do this, but those questions I have not found answers to yet.
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