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When you say your washing your filter media, are you doing this in tank water or sink water? Always clean your filter media in water you drain out of the tank, its helps preserve the bacteria colony in the filter media.

Based on your tanks picture, all the plants in the tank are pretty slow growing, mosses and anubius are very slow, and dont really use much in terms of nutrients. Moss actually doesn't like excel either and will die after prolonged exposure in my experience. Using some faster growing stem plants, and put a root tab or two under them,this will help out compete the algae. Get some easy to grow stem plants and stick a bunch in maybe the back left corner and see how they do.

You should have good lighting for the tank, its possible if the bulbs are more than a year old they are no longer producing light in the proper spektrum for the plants, this is why its recommended to replace the bulbs every 12 months.

Because your not running c02, you can try running a siesta period in the tank. Have the light on for 4 hours, off for 2, then on for another 4. This dark period in the middle lets a small amount of c02 build back up, which is then used by the plants when the lights on, but this only works when you have a good ripple on the water surface to provide good 02 exchange.
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