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Originally Posted by vvDO View Post
It looks like you may have buried the rhizomes of java ferns. That may be why they are not doing well. Lift them up or tie them to driftwood.
Thanks, I pulled the one up and I do believe that you were correct, it was buried too deep.

Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
I am liking the gbr - rummynose combo
Sounds good, haven't had a lot of luck find any locally, so still kind of looking at this stage.

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
I noticed this as well. Some things in your tank were ideas I had of doing in some of mine. I like it. Get those ferns out of the substrate and you should be good. Are you dosing ferts? With mosses I would avoid Excel, but have you thought about C02?
I did dose some Flourish nitrogen as well, and I also have some root tabs, but I haven't used them at this point. I really would prefer to avoid the CO2, which was why I was trying the Excel, what is the issue with it and moss?
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