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flame moss carpet??

I have a lot of trouble growing anything in my tank. Anubias nana petite has done ok other than reverting to a larger size than petite. And I have some bacopa carolina (I think--not shown in the picture) that seems to also be doing ok. Otherwise I haven't had a lot of luck with most plants. Here's a picture from a while ago (sorry the quality is bad):

I removed the moss from the drift wood because it was dirty and also got all over the tank and looked gross. The L. mauritana you see is all dead and gone now. The dwarf sag in the back is also dead and gone. The marsilea minute is hanging on but barely--that's maybe half of the amount left. And as you can see I have an algae problem--that stuff was super hard to scrape off. It's mostly gone now but I still get algae.

I'm not really asking for why I can't grow plants as I've given up trying to figure out why. I'm looking to redo my tank a bit with the two things I can grow: anubias nan petite and moss. I bought some drift wood that makes kind of like a cave to put in the far right corner on which I will plant some more anubias. Then I wanted the rest to sort of look like a field so I'm thinking about putting down a carpet of flame moss.

Is flame moss a difficult moss to grow? I couldn't get fissidens fontanus to grow--it died. And do you think it would get dirty and and just look bad as a carpet?
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