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Originally Posted by mitchfish9 View Post
I agree that the rcs should be saved for a smaller tank so they can have their own colony and won't be stressed and all that. But if you are doing all these small fish, then amanos would be perfect! Don't know anything about bamboo shrimp though...
Great, thanks for the input! Looks like RCS are out and Amano are in (possibly bamboos, need to do some more research on them) for the 100 gal. How many you think would be sufficient? I see they're about 2" full grown so I was thinking about 10 - 15 should do.

So here's my current revised list (not the 100% "end goal"):

10x Dwarf Corys (Thanks for the input Betta Maniac!)
20x Neon Tetras
15x Rummynose Tetras
15x Ember Tetras
10 - 15 Amano Shrimp

I'm still debating on the 15x Harlequin Rasbora's, thinking I may swap them out for 10x Swordtails (2 males 8 females).
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