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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
mar∑i∑nate /ˈmerəˌneɪt/ verb
mar∑i∑nates; mar∑i∑nat∑ed; mar∑i∑nat∑ing
: to put meat or fish in a sauce for a period of time to add flavor or to make the meat or fish more tender : to soak in a marinade [+ obj]

▪ The recipe says that you should marinate the chicken overnight. [no obj]
▪ The chicken should be allowed to marinate overnight.
▪ I wouldn't marinate that in peroxide if I were you.

If the algae infestation is severe, cut your losses and trim heavily. Plants and weeds all grow so you'll eventually get it all back
Now I'm hungry! The algae was very slight. Time will tell what will happen.
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