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I expect to be in some boring jobs before entering my chosen career like most people I'm sure. But I am an artist and I can't wait to get out there and start doing what I love for a living.
Being stuck in an into to Photoshop class for five months just because an advisor made it a graduation requirement is not my idea of learning. I'm just sick of being placed in classes that are a lot of work, cost a lot of my time and money, and leaving without gaining much knowledge.
I love to learn, I will never stop loving and wanting to learn, but going broke to sit in classes teaching skills I have already surpassed is not cool.

I dropped that class today without telling my advisor, we'll see how this goes.
Thinking of adding a Nematology or Horticulture class in it's place. I've finished all my gen ed science courses already though =/

To fellow college students in here, what kinds of classes/ majors are you in? Any fish/plant related classes you really enjoy? Really not liking how my BFA program is going here, might switch to Bio instead and save up for art school.
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