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Bonsai are plants in containers. Usually growing very slowly.
Often, but not always they are species that can get by with reduced watering, and practically no fertilizer.

Depends on the requirements of the critter, if a plant in Bonsai would work in the habitat. The right species of plant will make a big difference, too.

Most juniper, pine and related plants will be good for a cool, dry habitat.
Maple, elm and most deciduous plants will be OK in a somewhat damper habitat, but may demand a dormant period, with quite cold temperatures.
Most of the plant species that hold their leaves year round are probably going to be better in the warmer or more humid habitats, but I am not sure if these are even used for Bonsai. You might have to make your own.
For the critters that live in the warmest, and driest habitats I do not think most traditional Bonsai plants will do OK in there. I would stick with the Cactus family, or similar succulent plants.
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