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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
There is one fish that is truly shrimp-safe: Oto. Beyond that, they all eat shrimplets. Some will also torture adults to (literal) death, will eat them when they molt, etc.

That's why it's always best to go with the smallest fish possible when you plan to have a focus on shrimp. Fish like Boraras brigittae work well. They're often smaller than adult Neo shrimp.
Gotcha. The focus of the tank will be the fish, the shrimp are just added eye candy. I'm not really interested in trying to breed them in any way (saving that for the 20 gallon sitting in my garage after I get this 100 gal up and running), I mean if they do, great, but it's not a big thing for me. Would it make more sense to go with something like the Bamboo shrimp as opposed to the RCS? I debated doing a lobster or two instead of any shrimp but figured the fish on my list wouldn't last long against them.
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