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Ok time for an update and hopefully some advice on this one. I'm definitely going to have to work on the photo skills a bit, I can't seem to get the nice pictures in these freshwater tanks that I'm used to getting in the saltwater ones.

First off, a FTS;

Right End;

And left end;

As you can see the mosses and water lettuce in particular appear to be doing really well. The stem plants on the other hand, not so great. One of the narrow leaf Java ferns has lost almost all the leaves (turning brown), and a lot of the other stem plants leaves are developing black spots. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at?

The Christmas moss is doing really well;

As is this unknown stringy moss that came with some unknown plants growing in it;

Interestingly the applewood that I peeled completely has developed a large growth of the infamous white fungi, while the pieces that I left the inner bark on have not;

I'm not worried about the fungi except where it is threatening to over run some of the tiny anubias plants;

Should I attempt to scrap the fungi off around the plant or will it be ok?

The cottonwood piece hasn't developed any of the fungi at this point, and the anubias plants on it appear to be doing ok, a few black spots, but not much;

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