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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
As far as volleyball, I really really want to play in college. I have played for 7 years and I love it, its a passion of mine, and I would be upset not playing. I also would like to pursue coaching after college as well, i have talked to my highschool coach about this a little bit.
I think you might be missing the point. Currently, there is 83-111 (depending on what number you look at, I'm pretty sure 83 is the newer number) NCAA colleges that offer mens volleyball across division I-II-III compared to women ncaa volleyball which has 1700 colleges and universities that have a program. For mens this is the general guidelines recruiters look for.
Men’s Volleyball
Libero/Defensive Specialist 5’9″+ 5’8″+ 5’8″+
Middle Hitter 6’5″+ 6’5″+ 6’3″+
Outside Hitter/Right Side 6’4″+ 6’3″+ 6’1″+
Setter 6’1″+ 6’0″+ 6’0″+

Many colleges have club volleyball, or you can do volleyball outside of school. Do not base a huge decision in life around a very small fraction of schools that have a mens ncaa program when you can do it outside of school.

I'm not trying to discourage you in any way, just presenting the numbers for you. If it is truly something you are passionate about you need to NOW in your junior year get your name into recruiters from these schools. Talk to your coach he will be the biggest help in regards to getting you recruited by a college. There is only a few programs in Pennsylvania so you need to be very diligent and make sure you are doing everything in your power to be recruited by them. Go to summer camps at colleges, talk to their athetic departments, talk to the coach's even if that just starts with a email, do whatever.

"Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my email I am currently a junior in high school and would love to play ncaa volleyball I would like to know of any information available about your program and how you recruit for your team. I currently play for volleyproX (making it up) and would like to know what I can do in order to make my dreams of playing college volleyball a reality"

You get the point, get your foot in the door now you are going against people who breath eat and sleep volleyball. Start with D 1 colleges and work your way down. Ask if they have tryouts or if it is recruit only. I don't know how large a college roster is for volleyball, ask how many players are on the team...

You see my point?

Thanks for this!! SUPER informative, thanks a lot!! I'm trying to do dual enrollment that way when I get to full time college I can have a somewhat lesser load so I am able to play volleyball. I think its a great idea to take some fun classes too! I will probably do an art class, I was looking at Messiah's catalog today with my mom and I might choose photography (there may be schedule conflicts), Design and Color, or a class that is basically 3D design.

Take core classes. Communications/English 101, Psychology 101, Sociology 101, Bio 111... the classes you HAVE to take in your first two years, worry about your electives when you are at college this way your core classes will easily transfer to 4 year universities.

I would recommend going to a community college for dual registration, classes are easily transferred out from a community college vs a private religious school.

Look up what people with X degree do, and look at where they live. It might be unrealistic to get a degree with plants if you can only grow plants x amount of months a year because of your climate and instead you would be in a college lab doing research or you might end up doing field research in other countries a majority of the time with a specific degree... Do you get what I am saying? Get a degree with something that will open the most amount of doors for you in the future as well as set yourself apart from others. You need to research specific degrees and what to expect from them, is there anything available for them to do with just a bachelors degree, how many people are graduating a year with this degree and how many job openings are there? I'm just saying be realistic with your degree choice, ask these questions when you are looking for a college/degree.

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