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I have the API Master Kit, unfortunately that does not come with the KH and GH tests however, thus my needing to buy it separately.

I did take my water in for testing:

RO Water tested out good - that being there was nothing to very little in it and it was a bit acidic at 6 pH (expected as RO Water often does that after sitting out and being exposed to the atmosphere).

The aquarium water (RO Water plus the water conditioner in the Eco Complete Substrate) came out quite a bit different.

pH: 7.5
KH: 4
GH: 3
Calcium: 40
Phosphates: 0

Given these values I know I need to use the Seachem Equilibrium to finish conditioning the water. The thing is I can use that to raise the GH to whatever value it needs to be and I'm not certain yet what should be the target GH. Maybe around 8 or 9.

I'll retest KH after raising the GH, with any luck it will rise some since I know that 4KH is said to be the minimum safe KH value. If it doesn't rise then I'll need to consider what I need to add to get it to rise without hopefully raising the pH value too far.

After that is done then I can finally consider getting the nitrate cycle started.

As for your quarantine tank suggestion I'll have to consider that but I don't really have alot of space for tanks. It would have to be a smaller one.
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