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Thanks everyone! As I said, 90% of my fish are large tetras which should be provided vegetable matter, I don't have bettas but I did read that they shouldn't have veggies & why. Thanks for pointing it out though, if I had been a clueless betta owner, you would have saved my fish!

Dogfish, I'm curious; are your goldfish outside pond fish, or inside in a tank? I ask because I've become enamored of Fizzie's (drat - I can't remember her whole username just now!) big, beautiful planted goldfish tank. I'm actually considering reserving one of my 29s for two goldfish-only (and heavy filtration - lol). My reading also said it's highly recommended to feed peas to goldfish especially.

What I didn't have a clue about was how often to feed my tetras peas, but the general consensus seems to be 2x a week. I'm going shopping today and will also pick up some spinach and lettuce to see how that goes...

thank you everyone!

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